Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our neighbor is a donkey

The only news we seem to have relates to the construction at the moment. Yesterday I did take an hour or so to walk through the grove, gathering up some of the avocados that fell during the wind and rain 10 days ago. The leaves are building up on the road so it's noisy when you prowl around. Pinkie accompanied me - he enjoys running a little ahead and then waiting for me to catch up. They love it when you root around in the leaves for avocados because the occasional critter gets stirred up.

They had an exciting day last week when the donkey from next door decided to come close to the fence. I confess that I've been feeding him bits of my energy bar (lunch) and he really, really likes the treat. The cats seem fascinated by him even though he's so big. Sometimes I think the cats don't really have any sense of size - only assessing whether they can jump on something and eat it or not.

Still cleaning - it took me a day to do the avocado door and a day yesterday on the bedroom slider where the concrete was splashed on the window. It will take another day's work to get it finished because the only thing that removes that stuff is elbow grease.

Tomorrow we take our friend Fran over to Quail Gardens to see the lights and to have dinner right on the ocean. She enjoys getting out and we enjoy it because it forces us to get away from the rancho.

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