Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Patios Tiled

Our patios are almost tiled. The largest one is complete except for the wash off of the grout. The front step stoop and the front small dining room patio have yet to be grouted. Perhaps Mannie will finish this week.

The blue glass sink and tap are into the guest bedroom and cabinets up on the walls. Tomorrow I'll attach the cabinets, do a big cleaning inside them and call it a day for now. Mannie will have to do the back splash, we hang a mirror and have the glass guys come next week to finish it off.

We are going to be crowded into the rancho and it'll take a bit of time to get used to the smaller space. Office wise we are OK but everyplace else is tight. We have much more outdoor space of course and I'm looking forward to that. Particularly to sitting outside with coffee. I have the spot picked out that gets morning sun pretty well all winter and it's cool in the summer.

I decided on a little diamond shape for the two front pillars and am ordering extra tiles so that Mannie can do this next time he's up.

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