Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Richard's mother was conscious when we visited and she was fairly responsive - tried to laugh, and rolled her eyes at some remark one of us made. They are keeping her comfortable with morphine and the attendants are in and out of there keeping an eye on her. The minister dropped by to say hello while we were there. I didn't think she would live over the long weekend but she did and we visited again on the way back. Once again she was conscious...asleep when we walked in but woke up to the sound of our voices. She moved one finger to point as she has done before. She seems to be pointing at the TV which we have adjusted and tried to figure out what she wants us to do with it.

Driving up to Benicia was uneventful other than the usual maniacs on the road cutting in and out. At one point, I looked at the speedometer and noticed that Richard was driving at 90. Gulp. He pulled back some after that but he is a very fast driver - I can't watch and instead try to read and just leave it to him. Everything came to a halt over the grapevine because of CalTrans. Watching the side of the road, I spotted the usual array of junkola which has fallen from cars: a plaid shirt and a pair of running shoes, large sheets of plywood, blue tyvek, tons of fast food packaging and car parts - bumpers, headlights, tires. They must pick up tons of stuff when they clean it up.

Everyone was fine at the Thursday night gathering. I particularly enjoyed the company of Colette, now 4 and clearly in charge of her family. We played house and she showed me how good she was at writing words. She grasps her little pencil in her fist and writes out: Colette, Khalil, Joey, Karim. She's very bright and does the letters well. Not a bit shy, she looks you right in the eyes and says clearly what she wants.

Bill and Shell were full of news about their respective work, GoCharmz their business and the new home. They acquired a new computer and a new big flat screen TV which Bill was setting up. He got a Blu Ray player in the thing which I guess is the latest thing. Luke demonstrated his skill at playing a hand held football game. The little guy is bright, curious and loves guns, the military and every kind of conflict you can imagine.

The turkey was near perfect, roasted on a high rack according to Mike Roy's low temp formula. Doug and Jan purchased a pre-brined turkey from Trader Joe's and it delivered on every level. Kimo made Brussels Sprouts chiffonaded and flavored with pancetta. There was mashed potatoes and Jans special sherbet. An apple pie, pumpkin pie and a sweet potato cheesecake finished us all off. Jan, the energy bundle was working all day and all night but still found time to sit with Shell for a bit and give her advice about her dinner which she was preparing on Friday for her Philippino family.

Friday we drove to Sacramento to meet Meg. She had sandwiches and 5 kinds of pie!! What a terrific woman. Rand is lucky to have found her. After we got back to Benicia, we left immediately for San Ramon and the Phillipino celebration. Had a good time and left just as they were getting out the mah jong tiles. Bill said they would play until 2 or 3 in the morning. We drove
on to Chowchilla where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was quite comfortable. In the morning we hit the road and drove without slowing down to Richard's Mom and then on to Fallbrook without incident. Cats were glad to see us.

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