Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Courtyard finished

One more task completed. The courtyard has been covered with pavers. They are working on the walkway. It's cool today but
sunny - a good day for hard work. Here are the pavers.

The paving contractor Mr. Rochas is a funny guy. Every time I show up, he seems to be selling me yet again. The contract is signed and he's getting paid, so I don't why he continues to sell. Probably a translation problem - maybe he's selling future work..I'm not sure. He certainly is getting the job done and is clean and fast.

They were playing Mexican music loud yesterday when I got there. I did a dance for Mr. Rochas on the new pavers. He laughed uncomfortably. I sure he thinks I'm a little crazy. I'm just so happy to get rid of all the dirt and chaos that's been out there for the past months.

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