Wednesday, December 30, 2009

%^&%^&%^&% jacuzzi tub

I wish I'd never seen the jacuzzi tub at Lowes. While we were framing, I noticed a sale at Lowes of bath tubs and wandered in the department to take a look, even though we had no plans for a tub. The small jacuzzi tub was on sale for around $800. I took note of the measurements and went back to the rancho to speak to the framer. Yes, he said - we could squeeze it in.

Since then we've spent at least twice as much and probably more working and re-working the space. The first plumber gave us bad advice about access. We put the access underneath the tub, from the closet below..that was how he thought it should be done. Plumber #2 said he was crazy and there should be access from the tile/room side. We ended up with a hole for the tub that is too small, an access hole that is unaccessible and another 3 trips from the plumber all to end in failure. It's been a curse and it will likely continue to haunt. Richard's solution at the moment is to install the thing with a regular electrical switch to prevent it switching itself off. I think this is an OK idea because I doubt that it will be used very frequently. Meanwhile, we have to get a tile guy to come over and recut the hole in the tile. Yikes.

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