Monday, December 07, 2009

The Christmas tree got lugged out of it's resting place in the garage. Both cats participated in the decorating. I hate to complain about early darkness and cooler temperatures because we are so lucky to be living where the winter is mild. Nevertheless, the Christmas tree lit up for a month really helps add a dimension to the season.

Rain started early this morning and we woke up to a leak in the piano room. The usual leaky space in the garage didn't leak this time. I can never figure that out.

I had a tooth cleaning this morning and they checked gum pockets. Mine are fine, hooray. No gum disease on the horizon. I remember when my Mom had to have her teeth out. She made sure nothing was happening that would require her to leave the house for a week until she got her dentures. As luck would have it, an uncle died - throwing Mom into a tizzy. I came home from school and she was trying to pull the teeth out of a pair of dentures Dad had discarded. I guess she thought the dentists implanted the teeth in artificial gums. Fortunately she abandoned all notions of "doing it herself" and just stayed home for the uncle's ceremony.

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